kettlebell turkish get upYesterday was the last day filming the new Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell certifications.

As I sat through editing the videos last night it occurred to me that this is the first time I’ve filmed myself training.

Some exercises that I thought were perfect will need improvement and others that I rarely use were far better than I’d imagined.

Something so simple can lead to big improvements in your skill level, technique and mastery of the exercises you’re working on.

Small hinges move big doors and a few minor tweaks to your technique will lead to significant gains in your training.

Training in front of the mirror just isn’t the same. Usually you’re facing the mirror so you miss valuable feedback from the side.

And… cranking your neck 90 degrees mid-rep through a heavy back-squat probably isn’t a good idea.

If your clients are struggling with a specific exercise, film them and give them the mental imagery they need to correct their movement pattern.

Plus… this is a great motivational tool for your clients too, show them the progress their making and how far they’ve come.

Soon I’ll be sharing some sample video inside the DFA Facebook group, you can join the group here:

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Academy